Designing a Plan B

Way #30 – ‘Plan B’ for when the tech lets you down.

You’ll know if you have a lesson that relies on technology to for it to succeed that the technology can let you down at the worst possible time. While it’s always worth having a ‘Plan B’ contingency plan up your sleeve, these can take an inordinate amount of time to organise. The ‘exabytes’ conference shares practical strategies for teaching and learning with technology, you’ll be able to discover resources like CS Unplugged (among others) to help you out with a Plan B for those times when the tech lets you down.

exabytes brings together teachers from practically every level to discuss their approaches to using technology in the classroom. Our list of exabytes presenters gives you a quick look at the sheer range of experiences that exabytes covers, while the rest of our 31 Ways in May series takes you through some of the topics you can expect from exabytes. Head over to to book your tickets for our conference today!