Power through Python

Using Python in the classroom

Every day this May, we’re bringing you another great little reason to head to #exabytes17. While the 7th of July might seem quite a way off, we think now’s the best time to start thinking about arranging cover to be released on the day itself.

Python is an extremely useful tool when it comes to teaching Computing, with its relatively simple text-based design giving learners a useful step up from block-based programming languages like Scratch. A lot of exa.foundation events involve teaching Python in one way or another, and it’s going to be quite a major topic at #exabytes17.

Last year, we had quite a few sessions involving the use of Python. A couple of these were particularly popular, exploring the use of Python in conjunction with popular video game Minecraft. Because of Minecraft’s relatively simple design, Python can be used to adjust a lot of things in the game - changing the properties of objects in the world, creating or removing objects, and adding various effects, with learners using these abilities to solve set puzzles in an imaginative way.

We’re expecting to be running another session on using Python with Minecraft at #exabytes17, along with a whole lot more on the topic! Remember, until June the 16th, you’ll be able to vote on what topics you want to see at #exabytes, when you book your tickets through our EventBrite page!