Supporting Digital Leaders

Follow the Leader?

Every day this May, we’re bringing you another great little reason to head to #exabytes17. While the 7th of July might seem quite a way off, we think now’s the best time to start thinking about arranging cover to be released on the day itself.

Computing’s one of the subjects where the differences between the most confident learners and their classmates are thrown into particularly sharp relief, often making it hard to know how best to support all members of the class.

The Digital Leaders programme is a rather unique take on this situation, designed to allow the most technically comfortable students (typically at the Primary level) around to help their teachers and classmates with managing all the tech in and around the classroom.

While it’s not the easiest idea to explain, the programme is all about giving members the chance to put their skills into play, from helping teachers set up iPads to testing out apps for the class, running lunchtime clubs for others, and far more. It’s all about giving students the opportunity to get involved and develop their skills in a practical environment, while helping out teachers, particularly those who aren’t the most comfortable with tech.

Wondering about running a Digital Leader programme? At #exabytes17, you’ll get the chance to meet teachers who have run programmes in their schools, discovering what’s worked, and what’s left to be done. Book your tickets for our conference today through our EventBrite page!