Impartial Edtech Advice

Way #22 – Impartial Advice On New Products & Services

At other conferences & events you’ve attended you’ll have encountered sales people employed to sell the company’s product or service to as many customers as possible. At exabytes we won’t have any sales presentations or demonstrations, the only products you’ll see or hear about will be those that the teachers attending are using in their own classrooms. So – if you are considering purchasing a class set of iPads, Chrome Books, Raspberry Pi or Bee-Bots, who better to advise you than those actually using them?

exabytes is all about teachers. We’re not just ensuring that you get impartial advice about edtech - we’re giving you the chance to get a conference featuring topics you’re interested in. When you book exabytes tickets, you’ll be able to pick presentation topics from a long list of choices - we’ll shape the conference schedule around your choices. Head to our 3rd Way in May to discover more about the unique way that exabytes is planned.