New ways to use BBC micro:bits in school

Way #15 – Make The Most Of Your Micro:bits

Perhaps your school has received BBC Micro:bits but recently you’ve been too busy to consider how you will distribute them to pupils. The Micro:bit is a fabulous platform to engage and inspire your learners and there are many resources and strategies available for unleashing their potential. At exabytes, we’ll have opportunities for you to learn from others what they are doing with their Micro:bits and how they introduced them to pupils.

We’ve seen a lot of different micro:bit projects around, from micro:bit robotics to games, gadgets and more. Using micro:bits you can show learners some practical uses for computing to get them engaged with learning. One of the more fun-focused uses of the micro:bit we’ve seen involves the visual programming language Kodu. Kodu’s designed to let users create games, and includes complete micro:bit support, letting users control characters with the micro:bit’s accelerometer, tilt sensors and buttons, while also featuring support for other micro:bit features.