Using Minecraft in the classroom

Way #6 – Explore the Learning Potential of Minecraft

The ability that Minecraft offers to tell stories, model scenarios, environments and relationships between objects and players makes it a tool with huge learning potential in any classroom. Nobody can deny the massive appeal that Minecraft has to hook young learners, but how can you harness this attraction and use it as a learning tool? At exabytes we’ll be offering delegates opportunities to explore the learning potential of Minecraft as well as the various ways that you might implement it as part of your own teaching.

Minecraft is just one of the more engaging pieces of edtech that will be explored at exabytes. We’ll be taking a look at other exciting options like BBC micro:bit and Raspberry Pi projects, while some of our presenters (particularly Matt Moore) will be more than happy to talk about Kodu, a visual programming language designed so that students can make their own video games.