No sales presentations

Way #9 – No Sales Presentations

That’s right – no selling or sales presentations. Imagine how you’d feel if, being only allowed one day out of school in a whole year for any CPD you turned up to realise that the conference is actually a series of sales presentations. I’ve been to those kind of events and know exactly what that feels like. exabytes is a conference about teaching & learning with technology. You have a lot of technology already available to you in your school, we’ll be sharing strategies to get the most out of what you already have as well as showing you how others are using new technologies like 1:1 mobile devices, BBC Micro:bit and Minecraft.

exabytes is a truly teacher-led event, and that doesn’t just mean that there’s no sales presentations. We’ve designed exabytes so that our attendees can pick exactly what’s taking place, choosing the workshops that they want to see. Our 3rd Day in May gives you some more information about just how this works, while our exabytes conference page lets you pick the events while booking your tickets!