Time to Plan a Break?

Getting ready for #exabytes17

Every day this May, we’re bringing you another great little reason to head to #exabytes17. While the 7th of July might seem quite a way off, we think now’s the best time to start thinking about arranging cover to be released on the day itself.

It might be a bit of a cliche, but we’d like to think that if there’s one education conference worth attending in the year, it’s #exabytes. We’re working to make sure that the show is genuinely worth visiting for every single person in attendance, ensuring that you don’t take a day out of work for something that doesn’t help you at all.

Over the course of the day, we’re expecting to see over 30 great sessions covering a wide range of classroom technology-related topics. Right up until the 16th of June, you’ll be able to vote for what you want to see at #exabytes when you book a ticket. That means you can be far more sure of something that’s actually engaging and useful to you than you can at any other CPD event around, while the huge number of sessions we’re planning to run through the day mean that there’s always something for you to benefit from.

As #exabytes is a teacher-led event, we’ve completely cut out one of the most annoying aspects of other conferences - hidden sales pitches. Every single talk taking place at the conference will be a real exploration of useful material, not an attempt to sell you on some new edtech device.

So, if you head over to #exabytes, you can be sure of some great, genuinely useful CPD on topics that you’re interested in learning about. Of course, that’s far from everything.

Through the day, you’ll be able to meet teachers from all levels, from long-term educators to those just starting out on their journey, giving you some great networking opportunities. With the whole day taking place in the luxurious Midland Hotel in Bradford, you can also be sure of a great day - all tickets include a full buffet lunch, along with access to every event and keynote speech.

Wondering what else makes #exabytes great? Don’t hesitate to ask us on Twitter @exafoundation or @teknoteacher! Tomorrow, we’ll be taking a look at what last year’s visitors really loved about the show, with a look at some of the reviews #exabytes16 received!