Something for Everybody

Making your vote count

Every day this May, we’re bringing you another great little reason to head to #exabytes17. While the 7th of July might seem quite a way off, we think now’s the best time to start thinking about arranging cover to be released on the day itself.

There’s very little point in heading to a conference if it doesn’t cover ground that you’re interested in learning more about. That’s why, when we planned out #exabytes16 last year, we tried to think of a way through which we could make sure that the show had something special for everyone visiting.

We came up with the idea of giving everyone at #exabytes a vote on what kind of content we’d be covering. With a lot of teachers kindly offering to take the time to present a session (we’ve had more than 50 suggestions for this year already!), we’re able to cover an incredible range of ground, and are tailoring that to the topics that our guests want to see.

Once proposals close on the 2nd of June, you’ll be able to cast your vote on what happens at #exabytes17 - as long as you’ve registered for #exabytes before the 16th of June, when voting closes!

That’s far from the only way we’re making sure that attendees can carve out their own path. We don’t use a track system, with every session giving you more than enough time to get anywhere else (and meet the other teachers at the conference!).

Presentations at this year’s #exabytes will cover practically every level of teaching where possible, with a number of sessions specifically aimed at both primary and secondary education, covering different topics and approaches.