Teacher-led conferencing

Way #31 – Get the support & guidance that you need

With over 30 workshop sessions to choose from and frequent breaks throughout the conference day, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to seek answers to your technology questions and find solutions to the problems you face in your school. Our workshop presenters and delegates represent a variety of experiences from teaching children aged 5 to 18 in the state sector and independent schools from around the UK.

Today’s the last of our 31 Ways in May. Across the month, we’ve been sharing a few great reasons to attend our exabytes conference on technology in the classroom, from our unique approach to programme design (You get to pick what events are held at exabytes) to our unbiased, sales presentation-free conference space.

We’ve really designed exabytes to give teachers the best possible environment for discussing the use of technology in the classroom. On the 23rd of June (the same date as the EU Referendum), Bradford’s incredible Midland Hotel (right by Bradford Forster Square train station) will host exabytes, bringing together an incredible number of teachers from almost every level of teaching. Find out more about exabytes (and book your tickets) over at our exabytes EventBrite page!