Unbiased Classroom Advice

Conferencing for Teachers

Every day this May, we’re bringing you another great little reason to head to #exabytes17. While the 7th of July might seem quite a way off, we think now’s the best time to start thinking about arranging cover to be released on the day itself.

Throughout the day at #exabytes17, we’re planning to run more than 30 fantastic sessions, covering topics from curriculum advice to Digital Making, Python and more. Whatever sessions you’re most interested in at #exabytes, and whichever topic they’re about, there’s one major thing they’ve got in common. They’re all organised and run by teachers who’ve volunteered their time to help make #exabytes a fantastic event - there’s no disguised sales pitches at all.

That means that you can be completely sure of unbiased, tried-and-tested advice and suggestions across #exabytes. We’re working to develop a truly fantastic environment in which teachers can share what’s worked in their classrooms, discover new approaches, new opportunities and new contacts from across the world of teaching.

The day before #exabytes17, we’re running another event designed for teachers - our second Bradford TeachMeet, giving local teachers the chance to explore some more of the areas that they’re interested in discussing. Head over to our #exabytes17 EventBrite page for more information - and to book your tickets for the conference!